Information on Business License Services

Information on Business License Services

As a contractor licensing company, we don’t just help our clients get their contractor’s license, we also help people form their business and run their business.

What services do we offer?

  • Corporation registration
  • Limited liability company
  • Foreign qualification

When forming and running a business, there is a lot of paperwork. We will do this paperwork for you. We can form your new business in two to three days. Our business package is tailored to the construction industry. We can form your business far cheaper than an attorney can.

What do we do? We fill out forms, acquire information, and request other needed documents. We offer foreign qualification packages and license and business maintenance services.

Here’s how we help you form a new business:

  • We research the desired company name for availability with the state
  • We fill out Corporation or LLC forms and file with the state’s Division of Corporations
  • We acquire an EIN using SS4 form from the IRS
  • We prepare a 2553 (S-corp) document
  • Professionally organized corporate documents provided electronically
  • We apply for your Workers Compensation exemption (Per person state fee is additional)
  • We fill out your Local Business Tax/Occupational License form
  • We fill out forms to Register your state license with the local municipality


When it comes to running your business, we will help you keep track of deadlines for your business and licenses. We don’t want you to pay late fees. Our service will provide you with a comprehensive list of all requirements, by state and county, for each of your businesses and/or licenses. We provide you with everything from when to file annual reports to when your CEU’s need to be done. read more