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The 101 on Mechanical Contractors

The 101 on Mechanical Contractors

There are so many different types of contractors – plumbing, electrical, HVAC, general, etc. For this article, we wanted to focus on mechanical contractors and share a little bit about the job.

According to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, a mechanical contractor is a contractor who offers services that are unlimited in “the execution of contracts requiring the experience, knowledge, and skill to install, maintain, repair, fabricate, alter, extend, or design, if not prohibited by law, central air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and ventilating systems, including duct work in connection with a complete system if such duct work is performed by the contractor as necessary to complete an air-distribution system, boiler and unfired pressure vessel systems, lift station equipment and piping, and all appurtenances, apparatus, or equipment used in connection therewith, and any duct cleaning and equipment sanitizing that requires at least a partial disassembling of the system.” read more

The 101 on Construction Managers

The 101 on Construction Managers

Construction managers have many responsibilities including planning, execution, monitoring, controlling and closing a project. It can be a stressful job but it’s also a rewarding job. These managers have to care about the budget, time management, quality, contracts, and safety.

A good construction manager (CM) should be analytical, creative, know how to deal with stress, know how to solve problems, know how to communicate, and show leadership and support. A CM should know math, physics IT, technical engineering, have training in evaluating performance and productivity, have construction site experience, and have additional specialties related to the field they are managing. Good CMs should understand technical complexities, have organizational data analysis skills, and have a knowledge of security procedures and legal matters.

CMs need to know how to communicate well (clearly and effectively) to keep a project and business functioning. CMs keep information concise and precise. They know how, when, and who to delegate tasks to. They create a teamwork environment, evaluate progress, respect deadlines, how to prioritize tasks, and how to problem solve. read more

Top Habits and Skills of Successful Construction Company Owners

Top Habits and Skills of Successful Construction Company Owners

There are many construction companies out there, but not all are successful. What can help a construction company succeed? There are a few things or habits a construction company owner or manager can do to guarantee a better chance of success.

  • Organization – Successful businesses are organized and can multitask multiple problems, projects, and people. With good organization, you can better manage resources (time, manpower, materials). Being organized can help save a lot of time and effort.
  • Project management software – Successful businesses use project management software that help projects run more smoothly. This software can keep track of projects, keep risks under control, and will ultimately help improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Time management – Successful businesses manage their time well. Owners and managers who know where to focus first move along better in projects.
  • No rushing – Successful businesses don’t rush into decisions.
  • Pay attention to the details – Successful businesses pay attention to details, so nothing is forgotten.
  • Delegation – Successful businesses know how, to who, and what to delegate.
  • Saying “No” – Successful businesses know when they have to say “no” or “yes.” You don’t want to take on too much and not be able to handle a task. You want to find a good balance between saying “yes” and “no.”
  • Networking – You can build your business and clientele by meeting with and talking to the right people.
  • Value teamwork — Encouraging team spirit and creating an open dialogue can lead to a high-functioning collaborative work environment.

Other habits to help build success in a construction business:

  • Surrounding yourself with the right people.
  • Having a role model.
  • Choosing to learn new things often.
  • Acknowledging mistakes.
  • Asking for help.
  • Setting goals.
  • Keeping priorities straight.
  • Practicing flexibility.
  • Being a good leader.
  • Being protective of workers.
  • Communicating and listening well.
  • Thinking positive.
  • Celebrating small successes as much as the big ones.
  • Dreaming big.


Working as any kind of contractor is a rewarding and fulfilling career where you can meet lots of new people, learn the newest technology, be a part of exciting projects, and learn new skills.

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10 Reasons to be a Contractor

10 Reasons to be a Contractor

Looking for a new career? Or just starting out in the working world? Consider a career as a contractor. Contracting is a huge field. Electricians, plumbers, HVAC techs, roofers, painters, sheet metal workers, and more are all contractors. Whether you enjoy being indoors or out, there’s a specialty for you.

A job in contracting is physically demanding and mentally stimulating. You’re always meeting new people in new places.

As a Florida contractor licensing company, our job is to help people get their contractor’s license in Florida or any other state.

For this article, we want to share important reasons why a career as a contractor is a good one. Below, we’ve listed several different reasons to consider a career in this industry – we believe it is a rewarding career.

  1. Contractors are in demand and there will always be a need for them. The openings for each specialty continue to grow each year. With a growing population and reconstruction, along with old buildings aging, there is always a high demand for the work contractors do, even with new technology. Even when the economy is bad, the jobs of contractors are always needed in some way, especially for maintenance.
  2. You get to work with different people and learn hands-on specialized skills.
  3. You can learn communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and more.
  4. A contractor’s license gives you credibility and people will trust the work you do. A license shows you know your stuff and are trained.
  5. With a contractor’s license, you’ll be able to land high-paying jobs at bigger companies.
  6. You get to work on many different projects, and the chance of getting bored is rare.
  7. You don’t necessarily need a college degree to work, but you do need experience and training. You can save a lot of money on schooling by going into contracting.
  8. Contractors can make good money. For example, an electrical contractor can earn up to $85-90K per year.
  9. With the right experience, you can move up in this industry, practice across specialties, and even manage or and own your own contracting company.
  10. You get to learn the newest technology (drones, project management software, AI, and more).


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As a contractor licensing company, we can help you get your contractor license in any state. After speaking with you by phone or email, we will help you complete the contractor license application for you. We will send it to the Construction Licensing Board on your behalf to get you approved. We get our contractor clients approved fast. read more

Ways to Improve Communication in Construction

Ways to Improve Communication in Construction


Good communication is essential for anything in life to be successful, including in the construction industry. As a contractor licensing company, we wanted to share with you different ways you can better your communication so your contracting company can be more successful.

But first, what causes poor communication in construction?

  • Unclear writing
  • Mistakes in writing
  • Incomplete drawings
  • Wrong drawings
  • Misused terms

Ways to improve communication in construction:

  • Use project management tools and software to keep everyone on the same page, to track everything, to schedule, to plan, to show conflicts, manage orders, and more.
  • Send the message in different ways if you are afraid it wasn’t received.
  • Establish clear lines of communication for information and messages.
  • Avoid jargon and slang. Keep message simple.
  • Use document software that tracks revisions to keep everyone connected.
  • Organize training for all equipment and software so there will never be confusion.
  • Encourage feedback and always follow-up.
  • Hire qualified and skilled workers.


How to Get Your Contractor’s License

Communication is key to having a thriving career and business in the construction industry. Never be afraid to speak up if something is unclear. You want to do your job right.

. If you need a contractor’s license, we can help get you licensed. We are a Florida contractor licensing company, but we get people licensed all over the United States. We can help you get any type of contractor’s license whether in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, solar, general, and more.

To start the application process, you will need to provide us information about yourself, your skills, your background, your testing results, your education, your job experience, etc. We will let you know what is required. We will submit a completed application to the Construction Licensing Board on your behalf. Most of our clients are accepted the first time. read more