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Upgrade Your Contractor License

Upgrade Your Contractor License

Did you know you can upgrade some contractor’s licenses? Certain licenses are eligible for upgrades, which can lead you to better jobs, more pay, higher pay, and more work. Contractor licenses that are able to upgrade include: HVAC – Class C, HVAC –Class B, Residential, Building, Swimming Pool Servicing, Residential Pool Contractor.

It’s a good idea to work for a higher-level license, so you can expand your horizons with what you do and how much money to bring home. It can be fulfilling to see your career take off and not remain stagnant. With a higher-level license, you will have more opportunities for work and never have to turn down a job and you have less of a chance of being rejected for job bids.

In order to upgrade to the higher license, there are stipulations, including:

However, there are some stipulations that occur for eligibility; these include:

  • Trade tests for the higher-level license must have been passed within four years of submission.
  • The Business and Finance Exam needs to be taken for the original licensure process.
  • The license has to be in active status for a certain amount of time. You can’t upgrade on an inactive or expired license.

With the contractor market booming right now, now is the time to upgrade your license, or get an additional contractor’s license so widen the scope of work you are able to do. read more

Get Your Electrical Contractor License

Get Your Electrical Contractor License

An electrician is a great career, especially if you end up working for yourself as your progress. Electricians can make a very good living and it is a rewarding job. In order to be an electrician, you need to be licensed and certified through the Electrical Contractors Licensing Board (ECLB).

There are four different ECLB certificates you can get including: Electrical contractor, Alarm contractor I (includes fire alarms), Alarm contractor II (excludes fire alarms), Specialty: residential, lighting, utility line, etc.

To become certified, you need to do at least one of the four requirements:

  • Operate as a manager in your trade for at least three years that must be within the last six years.
  • Act as a supervisor in your field for at least four years that must be within the last eight years.
  • Show at least six years of education, training and/or experience in electrical work that must be within the last 12 years)
  • Work as a licensed, professional electrical engineer for 3 or more years.

For each specific electrical specialty, there are different requirements needed so you must follow those. After you’ve met all the qualifications and taken the tests, you can apply and submit your application for your Florida electrical contractor’s license. Remember, there are fees with some of the things you will do throughout this process.

Take note that your application may be denied. Your work experience may not be enough, or maybe you missed a deadline or didn’t pass the test with a high enough score. There’s a varied number of reasons why you may have been denied. However, if you work with licensing professionals, we can make sure your electrical license application does not get denied. We know exactly what you need to qualify.  We will help you fix your application and get everything up to the board’s standards. read more

Florida Contractors Must Continue Their Education

Florida Contractors Must Continue Their Education

In Florida, as a contractor, you have to keep up with your education and further your education. Every two years, you must complete 14 hours of Construction Industry Licensing Board approved education courses (CEU) before you renew your license. This is true for both certified and registered contractors.


Why is this necessary? These courses help keep you abreast the latest in the field and help keep you competitive against people who are just entering the industry with the newest knowledge.


According to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR), your courses have to be specific. As a contractor, you must complete at least one hour about workplace safety, one hour on worker’s compensation, one hour on business practices, one hour on Florida laws and rules, two hours of false alarm prevention (for alarm contractors and electrical contractors who perform alarm work), and one hour on Florida Building Code advanced modules.


Your other seven course hours will be about the specific type of technical contracting work you do (electrical, construction, home inspector, mold). read more

2018 Florida Contractor Exams

2018 Florida Contractor Exams

If you want to be a contractor, you must do it the right way. You’ve got to take courses, get experience, take exams, and apply for a license. If you want to be a licensed contractor in the state of Florida, you must pass the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board’s contractor exam. You need to score a 70 percent or higher to pass. This test is a 2-day exam that is offered a few times throughout the year across the state.

Starting in August 2018, general, building and residential exams are computer-based, while plumbing exams are still paper/pencil format in Orlando.

Test dates are: August 14-15, October 16-17, and December 11-12.

For testing, tower specialty, demolition specialty, and industrial facilities specialty need to pass the general exam of contract administration, project management, and business and finance.

You are allowed to have reference materials, but you only have 6.5 hours to complete the test. You should definitely prepare and study before this exam.

All other state licenses (i.e. Mechanical, Class A Air Conditioning, Class B Air Conditioning,Commercial Pool, Gas Line,Glass and Glazing, Gypsum Drywall, Irrigation, Marine, Pollutant Storage, Residential Pool, Roofing, Service Pool, Sheet Metal, Solar, Specialty Structure, Underground Utilities, and electrical trades) use a different testing company and do not follow schedule, so you can test whenever you are ready. read more

Form your Florida Contractor Business

Form your Florida Contractor Business

Did you know a Florida contractor licensing company could help you with forming your contractor business? It’s true! Don’t go at it alone! We can help you get your business up and running. We offer business licenses services and have helped so many contractors form their business.

The business license services we offer include: corporation registration, limited liability company, and foreign qualification.

We will help you with the business license set up. In this process, there’s a lot of paperwork that can be time consuming and tricky, so let us do it for you! We’re streamlined and officiant and can help you get a new business formed in 2 to 3 days. Our expertise is specifically trained for the construction industry.

Our services cost a fraction of what an attorney would charge you to set up a business. An attorney might always take 2-4 weeks to get your business up and running. That’s a lot longer than 2-3 days! In this process, we fill out all forms for you, acquire needed information, and request needed documents. After all is said and done, we also offer license and business maintenance services. read more