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Vanessa Puleo of Led2Serve Selects International Medical Global As Travel Health Insurance Provider

Vanessa Puleo of Led2Serve Selects International Medical Global As Travel Health Insurance Provider

Led2Serve today announced its selection of International Medical Global as it’s new provider of travel health insurance. IMG is an award-winning provider of global insurance benefits and assistance services. Through their Outreach Travel Medical Insurance plans travelers with Led2Serve are provided trip interruption, accident, sickness and also emergency evacuation coverage for their Journeys.

“In our nine year history as a mobilizing organization we have had a stellar safety record. While travelers have never had any medial emergencies or a need to use health or travel insurances, our Journey Members can always take comfort in knowing we put their safety as our highest priority,” stated Yolanda Puleo, Director of Operations. “IMG is recognized as a leader in their industry and we feel our selection of them as a provider reflects our continued commitment to traveler safety and planning for the unexpected.”

Led2Serve is approaching its tenth year anniversary and anticipates adding several Journey locations in 2018 as they expand Service Learning Journeys for middle and high school partners. Student teams will continue to travel to new and existing partner locations in support of the organizations mission to engage in meaningful service components while enjoying a Journey balanced with adventure and learning outcomes. read more

Vanessa Puleo of Led2Serve invites you to explore with the Journeys of Europe

Vanessa Puleo of Led2Serve invites you to explore with the Journeys of Europe

Our European Journeys

Take a Journey with us to the cultural center of the world – Europe! We customize Service Learning Journeys to France, Germany, Italy and Spain with a focus on integrating desired learning outcomes. If your school is looking to produce to global citizens who understand that hands-on experiences are key to being more competitive when it comes time for college or entering the workplace, then our international Journeys are a must.

Whether it’s learning about WWII through visits to Germany and Normandy, France or the rich history of Spain through a visit to the Alhambra or the Prado, our European Service Learning Journeys are designed for students to immerse themselves in the many cultural influences that make Europe a top destination for students and adults alike.

We customize Journeys to fit any desired learning outcome and experience. We tailor each and every Journey with valuable input from teachers so we can provide an experience which surpasses expectation, yet stays within your budget! read more

Vanessa Puleo wants everyone to take a SEC and Remember to get Ready For Giving Tuesday

Vanessa Puleo wants everyone to take a SEC and Remember to get Ready For Giving Tuesday

Celebrate this international day on November 27th, 2018 of giving with Led2Serve and donate to help support our Service Journeys. We owe much of our program’s success to supporters like you, who helped us spread the word about our mission & cause. Help us continue the work of giving back to the community.

Led2Serve relies on people like you who choose to become involved by supporting our projects through financial donations. With your gifts we are able to maintain our local and global efforts to serve in a variety of ways and through many community initiatives.

All general donations are applied directly to our efforts in helping to serve others. One of the best things about donating to Led2Serve? We are a gold-level GuideStar participant.

Designate your donation to a team member, a certain community project, or the general fund. We’ll allocate your funds accordingly and send you a tax-deductible receipt. Our tax id is: 27-0527880

Join the movement and help spread our message!

What Happens During a Home Remodel

What Happens During a Home Remodel

When you are choosing a contractor, you need to choose one who is honest, trustworthy, reputable, licensed, skilled, insured, and fair. You need to get a quote and decide if you communicate and get along well with this person. If so, hire them and you can begin the project.

If you’re doing a home remodel, the contractor will come by your home to view the current look of the room. He/she will learn what you want to change, keep, or improve. You want to give the contractor an idea of how frequently you use the space and the purpose of the room.

The contractor will ask you what you want the remodel to achieve. Do you want just an updated look? Do you need more space? More storage?

The contractor, most likely with his/her designer, will help you come up with different ideas to design your goals. He/she will let you know what will work and what cannot work.

The contractor will let you know how he/she operates during a home remodel, so you will know what steps to expect and what will be going on in your home. He/she will let you know how many people are working on the project and who to expect inside your home. read more

The Importance of Regular Home Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Home Maintenance

Throughout the year, there are things you should be doing yourself in your home or hiring a contractor to do. These “things” are preventative measures and upkeeping tasks that if you do not ignore, you can possibly avoid bigger problems from occurring in your home.

We wanted to share with you some regular maintenance tasks you should be doing throughout the year or having a contractor do, so you won’t end up with something broken that needs to be majorly repaired or replaced.

  • Clean your gutters out. Dirt and leaves get stuck in them. When they are full, the gutters are pointless and cannot do their job, so the water can potentially leak into your foundation. Your gutter can also collapse from the excess weight in it. You should clean your gutters once a week if you can.
  • If you see any signs of termites in your home, call an exterminator immediately, because if you ignore it they can eat away at the structure of your home and cause your home to be compromised.
  • If you see dampness, rust, mold, or collection of water, call a plumber to fix this. Water damage can cause structural problems for your home and health problems. Dampness also attracts a lot of insects, including termites.
  • Make sure big trees in your property are not compromising your foundation by their roots.

If you do these few tasks throughout the year, you can end up savings thousands in the long run. Upkeep can be annoying and time consuming, but it is worth it to keep your home safe and livable.

Get Your Florida Contractor’s License

Whether electrical or mechanical, there will always be a need for contractors. As you can see from the tasks above, contractors will always be called upon for certain tasks. If you want to be a licensed contractor, our team can help make that happen. We will put all your paperwork together and send it off to the Board for approval. read more