Five great iOS apps for contractors

Five great iOS apps for contractors

Five great iOS apps for contractors


Let’s face it: If you’re not using your iPhone to “life hack” – that is, take a shortcut in a novel way to boost productivity or save time – you’re missing out big time. That small-ish Apple computer in your pocket can do a lot – more than you probably think.


Contractors throughout the country are increasingly turning to low-cost mobile apps to help with everyday tasks, at a time when the construction industry has been slow to adopt time-saving technologies, according to the 5th Annual Construction Technology Report, a study co-developed by Texas A&M University.


Here are five affordable, top-rated iOS apps for contractors that will help make the workday a little easier:


  1. Fieldwire by Fieldwire (


Fieldwire is an easy-to-use task management app designed by construction professionals for construction professionals. The free trial version is ideal for small teams, and allows contractors to view and share blueprints, create and delegate task lists and track issues. In-app upgrades offer additional project management features.


Cost: Free trial version; $29 per user for Pro version, $39 per user for Business version


  1. Photo Measures by Big Blue Pixel Inc. (


Photo Measures allows contractors to photograph a space and note dimensions on those photos – a helpful way to remember the layout of a work site. Measurements can be edited, comments can be added and photos are easily imported or exported as .jpeg or .pdf files.


Cost: $6.99; free lite version


  1. RoomScan Pro by Locometric (


Draft floor plans by touching the walls of a room with your iPhone – no tape measure required. Contractors can easily add doors to blueprints by touching doorframes — or stairs by placing the phone on the top and bottom steps.


Cost: $4.99


  1. Home Builder Pro Calcs by Double Dog Studios (


Home Builder Pro Calcs offers hundreds of home improvement calculations and unit conversions – from roofing and framing to concrete and paving – as well as estimators for business expenses, materials and work hours. Calculations can be easily emailed from the app.


Cost: $4.99


  1. iHandy Level by iHandy Inc. (


Level is a simple app with a range of uses beyond straightening wall photos. From angle measurements to roof pitch calculations, the app essentially replaces one of the longest tools in your toolbox. iHandy’s Carpenter ($1.99) adds additional features such as a plumb bob level and 0-to-180-degree protractor, but the enhanced app’s ruler reportedly doesn’t work well with the iPhone 7.


Cost: Free


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