Target the right customers for your Contractor Business

Target the right customers for your Contractor Business

If you have your own contracting business, getting new customers is your livelihood. However, you want to promote yourself to the RIGHT customers. Otherwise, if you just promote to the masses, it can cost you. Spending time and money on resources that are going out to people who would never hire you. Don’t let the wrong customers take you away from the right customers. Your customer is someone who fits your business, the geography you work in, the price point your service at. You don’t want your promotions to go to people thousands of miles away who can’t afford your work, right? Right!


  • Recognize who your best customer is
  • Define your customer. Who do you love to do business with? List the traits that you think would or do define your best customer. Personality. Budgets. Geography. Project size. Type of construction.
  • Once you see who your customer is, you can go after them more clearly.
  • Use past years’ date and info to help you to also define your customer. See if your preferred customers bring you more profit.

Once you define and recognize your ideal customer, you can focus your attention on strategically marketing to that person. This person will guide your advertising and marketing efforts in person and on the web. You will realize what referrals are worth going after or know what types of customers will be a waste of time. With a target audience in mind, you will save time and money on marketing efforts and will continue to see more visibility and attention to your brand and business.


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