New Technology in the Construction Industry

New Technology in the Construction Industry

Technology is changing in every field, including the construction industry. There are lots of new tech trends in the construction industry which will change the future of the field itself.

Here’s some technology being used:

  • Self-healing concrete – This concrete would add years to a building’s life and help people financially. When water enters the crack, it reactivates bacteria, which then excretes calcite and heals the crack.
  • Transparent aluminum – This is almost as strong as steel. It looks like glass but is much stronger. It is a see-through metal.
  • Aerogel insulation – This is semi-transparent and it is almost weightless. It can be used to create thin sheets of aerogel fabric. It has great insulation properties.
  • Robotic swarm construction – Robots are programmed to build certain design and work together with other robots.
  • 3D printed houses – This is when parts are created off-site and constructing the building at another time.
  • Smart roads – These roads are helping people driving safer and greener. These roads have sensors and technology that give drivers real-time info, weather conditions, and traffic info.
  • Bamboo cities – Bamboo cities are made from innovative modular bamboo structures that interlock. It is sustainable construction and a renewable resource that is stronger than steel and more resilient than concrete. As the structure extends, it grows in strength.
  • Smart bricks – These are modular connecting brick with substantial thermal energy control and reduction in construction costs.
  • Vertical cities – These are tetris-like buildings of towers for thousands of people.
  • Pollution-fighting buildings – These are high-rise forest buildings designed to tackle air pollution. These buildings are home to over 1,000 trees and 2,500 shrubs to absorb pollution and filter it to make the air cleaner.

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