Tree Care During the Dry Season or Drought

Tree Care During the Dry Season or Drought

In Florida, it’s the dry season. In the past few years fires have popped up across the state due to the drought.

For this article, our tree professionals at Fortune’s Lawncare Services wanted to share with you some brief tips about proper tree care during a dry season or drought.

Older trees can withstand drier conditions than younger or newly planted trees. These younger or new trees can become weak and even die from lack of water.

How can you tell if your trees are suffering from a drought? No matter the tree’s age, usually a tree will first show signs of stress in the top of its canopy as more leaves fall off, wilt, or turn colors. If you are in the middle of a drought, water the trees before you notice any stress/damage to them. Watering them twice a week is good. However, if your town has water bans, you may not be able to do this. Do not put fertilizer on them, as this actually takes water away from the roots. Don’t trim branches during a drought. The tree needs to focus on conserving water and energy, not re-growing itself. During a drought, move mulch away from a tree; mulch absorbs a lot of water, and you’d rather the tree taking in this water than the mulch.

Although you can take care of trees yourself during a drought, it’s in your best interest to get the opinion of a certified tree professional. You don’t want to overwater trees or make any other decisions that actually may bring more harm than good to the plants. By having a professional tree specialist come to your property, he or she can tell you what you need to do to protect your plants (if anything) during the dry season, so you don’t lose any trees.

Work with us at Fortune’s Lawn Care Services to help protect and save your trees! Our mission is to provide reliable and affordable landscaping maintenance. Our tree team at Fortune’s Lawn Care Services are licensed, insured professionals who know how to properly manage and handle the job, whether big or small. We are based in Marco Island, Florida, and service customers in Marco Island and the Isles of Capri in Naples, Florida. Contact us at 239-438-7070 or click here to set up an appointment with one of our tree specialists.

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