Proper Tree Care, Damage Assessment with Hurricanes

Proper Tree Care, Damage Assessment with Hurricanes

As a Category 4 Hurricane, Hurricane Irma’s wrath was felt in the Southwest Florida region, especially in Naples and Marco Island. Homes and trees were damaged and destroyed. Six months later, people are still repairing roofs, lanais, and have trees down in yards.

Living in Florida, there’s always a chance a hurricane will pass on by, so it is crucial to trim trees regularly. Regular tree trimming keeps trees healthy and appropriately sized, so they are less likely to fall or break during a storm. A person can spend thousands of dollars in damage and removal costs from falling branches and trees. Many of the trees and branches that fall during a storm could be prevented through proper routine tree trimming throughout the year.

After a storm, you will want a certified tree specialist to come out on your property to assess if the damaged trees need to be removed or if they can be restored. If a tree has major cracks and breaks in its trunk and limbs, there’s a good chance the tree cannot be saved. If a tree’s roots are lifted out of the soil, it likely can not be put back into the ground.

If much of the canopy blew off/was damaged/ripped away, there is still a chance for survival for the tree. New foliage can reappear again. Small broken or dead branches are OK, and won’t necessarily kill off the tree. If you had a small or newly planted tree, there’s a chance it can be replanted again if it fell over during the storm.

You’ll want to call tree specialists to assess damage, trim trees, replant trees, clean the canopy, and remove badly damaged and dead trees.

When it comes to trees and storms, it’s best to take care of your trees year-round to avoid more problems during a storm. As for after a storm, not all is lost. A certified tree specialist can let you know what can be saved.

At Fortune’s Lawn Care Services, we provide many tree services, including tree trimming, stump grinding, tree canopy maintenance, and tree removal by certified, skilled professionals. We are based in Marco Island, Florida, and service customers in Marco Island and the Isles of Capri in Naples, Florida. Contact us at 239-438-7070 or click here to set up an appointment with one of our tree specialists.



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