6 Benefits to Having Trees on Your Property

6 Benefits to Having Trees on Your Property

Have you ever noticed that a home without trees around it just looks bare? Or, strange? Like something is missing? Trees add tremendous value to our properties in more ways than one. Trees, like plants and flowers, connect our homes to nature. We rely on these trees for so many things, including our own survival. These trees add depth to our property, whether they’re small or tower over our homes. They make our houses look more welcoming and less cold.

If you’re unsure of how to care for the trees on your property, especially living in a sub-tropical climate like Marco Island or Naples, your best bet is to hire a tree specialist who is a certified expert in the trees that grow in the Southwest Florida area.

You should aim to keep all trees on your property, and only remove them if they are dead or causing a safety issue to you and your home. So, how and why does keeping trees benefit your home property?

  • As you know living in the Sunshine State, there is a lot of sun year-round. Shade is welcomed, and trees provide that for us! With the proper positioning near and around your home, big trees can even cut down your air conditioning costs as they help block out the sun’s heat.
  • Trees provide a home for birds and animals. In Southwest Florida, there’s are endless species of animals and birds living in the region, especially being so close to the Everglades. Many migrate to the area during the winter season. It’s important to give wildlife a place to live to balance out the human construction that has entered their habitats.
  • Trees create privacy on your property from their branches and leaves.
  • Trees can also help buffer sound on your property.
  • In Florida, you can easily plant fruit trees (oranges, lemons, bananas, and more), which means you now have a fresh and free source of fruit right in your yard!
  • Trees can increase your property value.

Ready to transform your backyard with some trees? Our tree planning and development team at Fortune’s Lawn Care Services are experts in tree landscaping. At Fortune’s Lawn Care Services, we provide tree trimming, tree removal, tree moving, and tree canopy maintenance for the trees on your property. Let us help you get your trees looking their best!

We are based in Marco Island, Florida, and service customers in Marco Island and the Isles of Capri in Naples, Florida. Contact us at 239-438-7070 or click here to set up an appointment with one of our tree specialists.

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