Get Your Georgia Contractor License

Get Your Georgia Contractor License

Although we are a contractor licensing company based in Florida, we have helped our clients get their contractor licenses all across the state. One state where we’ve helps dozens of people get their licenses is Georgia. Georgia has a lot of contractor licensing requirements, which can become overwhelming and confusing for people – that’s where we come in.

Our goal is to make the contractor-license process an easy, stress-free process for you. We make the application process painless! With Georgia’s requirements, we know all that is needed to get you approved quickly in that state. We know the proper steps (to take to expedite the license approval process. It takes about 3 weeks to have you a certified Georgia contractor’s license number.

When we complete a contractor license application, we aren’t just filling out forms and gathering paperwork. We analyze your past and present and use your skillset and experience strategically to build you a solid application that will pass.

As a contractor licensing company, we give all our clients unlimited time to ask us questions related to contractor licenses and the application process. We work with our clients through email and fax, so we can work with you from anywhere in the country. We run Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) credit reports. We analyze and review the application to ensure everything is correct. We overnight ship to the DBPR and we monitor the DBPR’s approval process.

How does working with us work? Call us, and we will get your basic information. We will complete the Georgia contractor license application for you, so you will get approved. We then overnight the application to the state of Georgia. The state has 30 days to approve your application, but we get them back sooner than that. Once we get the application approved, you will receive your license!

Ready to get your Georgia contractor license? Let’s get you started! We are a Florida contractor licensing company who will do the contractor application process for you from any state!

To get your Georgia contractor’s license or other state license, click our Georgia contractor’s license page or call us at 239-777-1028.


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