Consultation with a Contractor

Consultation with a Contractor

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, you most likely want to hire a contractor. Although many projects around the home can be easy enough to do on your own (carpet installation), bigger projects (building an addition) should be left to professional, licensed contractors.

When looking for a contractor, we suggest looking at 3 or 4 for you to compare. When you meet with the contractor, you will have a consultation with them. The consultation is usually free. During this consult, the contractor will look at the room/space you want to remodel or build. The contractor will listen to your wants and needs and what you envision, as well as what the space will be used for. The contractor will want to know what you’re looking for including: more space, a more modern look, more storage, better layout, better cabinetry, better room flow, etc.

A lot of your ideas may clash or may not be within your budget. The contractor will let you know all that needs to be done to get to your goals. The contractor and his team can help you with all the ideas, including design, to help you map out your ideal space.

During the consultation, you will also learn about the contractor and his company. You will learn who works on the project, past experiences, how long this project should take, what vendors he works with, and more.

In the consult, you will receive an estimate of a budget; the real budget is finalized once you make decisions on materials. With this estimate budget you can tweak things around to better allocate your money. You will be able to decide which things are most important.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Make sure you see a rendering of your room before you make any final decisions. Make sure you’re working with a contractor that communicates with you well. Make sure you’re working with a licensed contractor who also carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation.


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