Things to Look at When Hiring a General Contractor

Things to Look at When Hiring a General Contractor

Looking to build a new home? Renovate your kitchen? Put on an addition? You’ll need to hire a general contractor. Although some thing you can renovate yourself, it’s much easier to hire a contractor who can get permits and knows exactly how to construct a home or room.

We suggest when looking for a contractor that you get a quote from at least three different contractors. You want to see the price ranges and get an idea of their skills. You also want to see if they communicate well and if you click with them.

As a Florida contractor licensing company, we wanted to share some things you should think about while hiring a contractor to build or work on your home.

  • Is the contractor licensed? Unlicensed contractor activity is illegal in Florida.
  • Make sure your contractor carries liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Accidents happen.
  • Ask for references.
  • Look at their portfolio.
  • Get an estimate and know the scope of work.
  • Beware of low bids.
  • Can you work with this contractor?
  • Do they work alone or with a team?
  • How long will this project last?
  • Is he/she easy to understand?
  • Does he/she communicate well?
  • Ask for an itemized bid. You want to see the breakdown of everything from the labor to the materials.
  • Ask for a payment schedule that goes along with the project schedule.

These are just a few things to think about when hiring a contractor. You want to hire someone who is trustworthy, experienced, reliable, skilled, and easy to communicate with.

If you know someone who want’s to be a contractor or if you do, we can help make that happen. We are a Florida contractor licensing company who help contractors all over the country get their licenses. To get your Florida contractor’s license or other state license, click our Florida contractor’s license page or call us at 239-777-1028.

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