Spotting a Bad Contractor

Spotting a Bad Contractor

In every industry, there are good workers and there are bad workers; there are honest people and there are liars. Unfortunately, the contracting world is not immune to bad people. When looking to hire a contractor for a project, it’s in your best interest to do your homework and hire a quality contractor – your home, project, or business is in their hands! Bad contractors make good contractors look bad and have made a lot of people distrust contractors.

You don’t want to be scammed by a bad contractor. As a Florida contractor licensing company, we’ve heard it all, so we wanted to share with you some things and tips to keep in mind for you to spot a bad contractor before you hire them.

  • If you are approached by a contractor for a job, there is a good chance this person doesn’t have good intentions. Don’t entertain contractors who home to your home unannounced.
  • Do research on contractors in your area. Look for reviews online and call the Better Business Bureau. Call the Department of Business & Regulation in your state and make sure the contractor you’re interested in has a license and carries insurance.
  • Ask a question (could be easy or hard) that you already know the answer to (and that the contractor should know too). If the contractor doesn’t know the answer, this is a good sign you should not hire them.
  • If a contractor cannot or will not give you references, don’t hire them.
  • If your contractor will not give you a written contract, don’t work with them.
  • If you’re doing a big job and your contractor refuses to get a permit, he likely isn’t licensed. Stop working with him immediately.
  • A quality contractor will set you up with a payment plan and never in cash.

If any of these strange situations or red flags pop up when dealing with a contractor, kindly end your relationship with them and move onto a more reputable contractor. You don’t want to be scammed out of money with a half-finished home.

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