How to Report an Unlicensed Contractor

How to Report an Unlicensed Contractor

In the state of Florida, being an unlicensed contractor is illegal. If you accidently work with an unlicensed contractor, know of someone else who is, or suspect there’s an unlicensed contractor working on a project you know about, you need to report it. Unlicensed contractors give licensed contractors a bad name, and they take away jobs from credible, licensed contractor.

If you’re working with a contractor who fails to do a project as promised, contact them and try to give them a chance to fix the problem. If they don’t fix the problem and/or disappear, there’s a good chance they were an unlicensed contractor.

You can file a complaint against them at your town or county’s sheriff’s office or police department if there is fraud involved. You can also file a complaint with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation by calling 850-487-1395 or visit To report unlicensed contractor activity, visit click on “unlicensed activity.” In this section, you can verify a license, file a complaint, and/or search for complaints. You can also file a complaint with your county’s consumer affairs division. You can also file a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Consumer Services – this agency helps people with info, protection, and complaintsin all industries. You can reach them at 800-435-7352 or visit If you suspect fraud of price gouging, you can call the Florida’s attorney general’s hotline at 866-966-7226.

If you want to look up any lawsuits against a contractor, visit If you want details on the case, you will have to go to your city or county’s courthouse to read the file.

Reporting an unlicensed contractor will keep you and your community safe from fraud and poor workmanship. If you see something, say something.

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