The Importance of Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Contracting

The Importance of Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance in Contracting

In most states, you need liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance with your contractor’s license. With insurance, potential clients will take you more seriously, but you will also be protected if accidents or damages occur.

Why is liability insurance important? If a homeowner hires a contractor with liability insurance, he/she will be compensated for any damages on the property caused by bad materials or shoddy work. This insurance can cover the cost of repairs for damages caused by a contractors, it can cover any court judgments and medical/funeral expenses if anyone is injured while working, and it can cover the cost of fixing the mistakes if the contractor fails to meet an expected standard.

Why is worker’s compensation insurance important? Worker’s compensation protects workers by providing wage compensation and medical assistance when on-the-job injuries occur. A homeowner will not have financial liabilities if a worker hurts themselves on his property if the worker is insured.

When a homeowner chooses an insured contractor, he/she has a peace of mind – if something goes wrong, he/she will be compensated and free from liabilities unlike with an uninsured worker. Sure, uninsured contractors are cheaper, but if damages or injuries occur, a homeowner can end up paying a lot more than if he/she hired an insured contractor.

Homeowners will check on your licensed and insurance coverage to make sure it is valid, so make sure you are definitely covered and properly licensed. You need at least the minimum coverage required by the state you live in. Without insurance, a homeowner/client won’t find you reliable, trustworthy or accountable.

How to Get Your Contractor’s License

Being insured and licensed is the only way to legally work as a contractor in the state of Florida. You don’t want to be arrested and charged.

Need a contractor’s license? We can help get you licensed. We are a Florida contractor licensing company. We have helped thousands of contractors across the United States get their contractor license. We can help you get a license in any contractor specialty.

To begin the application process, you will provide us information about yourself, your skills, your background, your testing, your education, your job experience, etc. We will submit a correct and completed application to the Board on your behalf.

To get your contractor license, click our Florida contractor’s license page to learn more or call 239-777-1028 to get started with us.



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