How to Find Quality Subcontractors

How to Find Quality Subcontractors


There’s a lot of things that lead to a successful contracting company and projects. Skills, experience, time management communication, and the people you hire. As a contractor, the people you hire, subcontractors, are a reflection of you. You want to hire quality, skilled workers so the project is more likely to be completed on time and within budget.

For this article, we wanted to share with you some ways you can find good subcontractors. There’s currently a labor shortage in the construction industry, so it’s even harder than ever to find good workers.

  • Ask friends, construction friends, construction industry people, and online construction discussion groups about finding workers.
  • Look online through Craigslist and Angielist for people looking for work.
  • Hire a past (good) subcontractor.
  • Ask a past subcontractor for a recommendation.
  • Ask specialty retailors for recommendations.
  • Look on online job boards like Indeed and Monster.


When you are looking to hire a subcontractor, there’s some things you should do to help find yourself a better-quality worker.

  • Talk to them and evaluate their communication skills.
  • Take note of your impression of them. Do they give you a good or bad feeling?
  • Ask about their previous work experience, skills, past jobs, certifications, licenses, insurance coverage, references, and a portfolio.
  • Run a background check.
  • Talk to their references to get a feel for their personality, how they worked, and what their skills are.

How to Get Your Contractor’s License

One of the biggest things your subcontractors needs, especially in Florida, is a contractor’s license. They cannot work legally without it!

We can help get your subcontractors licensed. We are a Florida contractor licensing company. We have helped thousands of contractors across the United States get their contractor license in all specialties.

We will complete and submit a completed application to the Construction Licensing Board on your behalf.

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