Steps to Get an Excavation Contractor License

Steps to Get an Excavation Contractor License

If you’re thinking about a career in contracting, how about going into the specialty of excavation contracting.  An excavation contractor?  is a contractor whose services fall into the construction, installation and repair of main sanitary sewer collection systems, main water distribution systems, and storm sewer collection systems? If this career sounds intriguing to you, read below for more information about what an excavation contractor does for a living.

An excavation contractor, by definition, is a “a contractor whose services are limited to the construction, installation, and repair, on public or private property, whether accomplished through open excavations or through other means, including, but not limited to, directional drilling, auger boring, jacking and boring, trenchless technologies, wet and dry taps, grouting, and slip lining, of main sanitary sewer collection systems, main water distribution systems, storm sewer collection systems, and the continuation of utility lines from the main systems to a point of termination up to and including the meter location for the individual occupancy, sewer collection systems at property line on residential or single-occupancy commercial properties, or on multi-occupancy properties at manhole or wye lateral extended to an invert elevation as engineered to accommodate future building sewers, water distribution systems, or storm sewer collection systems at storm sewer structures. However, an underground utility and excavation contractor may install empty underground conduits in rights-of-way, easements, platted rights-of-way in new site development, and sleeves for parking lot crossings no smaller than 2 inches in diameter if each conduit system installed is designed by a licensed professional engineer or an authorized employee of a municipality, county, or public utility and the installation of such conduit does not include installation of any conductor wiring or connection to an energized electrical system. An underground utility and excavation contractor may not install piping that is an integral part of a fire protection system as defined in s. 633.102 beginning at the point where the piping is used exclusively for such system.”

In the state of Florida, an underground utility and excavation contractor needs a Florida contractor’s license in order to practice legally.


For an Excavation Contractor license, you will need to have four years of experience, one year must be as a foreman, or a combination of college and experience doing all of the areas below:

  • Installation of:
    • Main Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
    • Main Water Distribution Systems
    • Storm Sewer Collection Systems



Thinking about becoming a excavation contractor? We can help. Our contractor licensing company can make obtaining a excavation contractor’s license easy. We will pull together all the things needed to complete the excavation contractor license application. We will let you know what courses, tests, exams, and experience you need or are missing.  Our goal is to make the process smooth and simple for you.

We are a Florida contractor licensing company. To get started on the process, click our contractor’s license page or our excavation contractor license page call us at 239-777-1028.

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