Why Construction Site Inspections Are Necessary

Why Construction Site Inspections Are Necessary

Inspections, of any kind, keep us safe and keep us on track with the task at hand. You want to know the work your doing is being done according to plan and meeting standards and regulations. Inspections should be done throughout the entire construction project on many different things.

What goes on during inspections?

  • Making sure all materials and procedures comply with the plan and specs.
  • Inspection and documentation of all contractor activities.
  • Inspections of installations.
  • Looking at drawings and specs and seeing if anything has changed.
  • Monitoring contractor’s schedules.
  • Inspecting and testing paints, coatings, soils, concrete, etc.
  • Review change orders.
  • Monitoring and documenting materials received.
  • Preparing punch lists and monitoring completion of work.
  • Condition surveys of neighboring structures.
  • Evaluation of work progress.
  • Inspection at the close of defects liability period.
  • Quality control inspections
  • Environmental inspections
  • Health and safety inspections
  • And more!

Who does the inspecting? This can be done by a project manager, a member of the contractor’s team, or a consultant. The inspections reports will include details of the person writing the report and who it was for, the location of inspection, the date and time of the inspection, the nature of the inspection, description of any actions taken or needed to be taken.

Proper inspections will keep you on track and allow you to identify problems before they get even bigger.

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