You Need a Credit Report for Your Florida Contractor’s License

You Need a Credit Report for Your Florida Contractor’s License

Looking for a credit report for your Florida contractor’s license? We can help.

In the state of Florida, you need to provide a credit report to work a State Certified Contractor, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation’s (DBPR) Construction Industry Licensing Board. As an applicant, you need to provide credit reports for yourself and the business entity you want to qualify.

Both credit reports must indicate that local, state, and federal records have been searched and personal credit reports must contain a FICO derived credit score.

Our Florida contractor licensing company is on the Florida DBPR’s List of approved Credit Reporting Agencies, which means we can help you get your credit report.

Our credit reports include:

  • FICO Score
  • Statement that Public Records have been searched at the Local, State and Federal Levels

Your personal credit report enables the State to decide on your financial responsibility enabling them to make sure that the contractor applying for the license is financially responsible.
The State has required that all companies must have a credit report on file. The fact that it is a new company does not negate the need to have a report run on that company.

To obtain your credit reports through our company, please follow these simple steps, visit our DBPR Approved Credit Reports page. These reports cost $50 per report. Your reports will be completed within 48 hours.

We will email your credit reports to the email you provided. Please print them out and include with your application to the DBPR.


Contact us if you have questions. Do you need help getting your Florida contractor’s license? We are pros in that!  Click our Florida contractor license  page to learn more or call 239-777-1028 to get started on the contractor license process today.

We are a Florida contractor licensing company, and we can help you get your contractor’s license, renew your license, start a business, manage a business, get a credit report, and more. We help contractors across the United States get their contractor license, not just in Florida. We have helped thousands of people get licensed.


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