Considering a Job Site Camera?

Considering a Job Site Camera?

Job site safety is critical, especially when there’s thousands of dollars of equipment and tools laying around. Unfortunately, it even becomes more crucial after a job site theft occurs. Whether you just had a theft or are looking to prevent one, on site cameras at the job site are not only a great way to deter thieves, but they can also help notify you about an in-progress theft or help identify the people who are stealing your equipment.


When buying and installing a camera for the jobsite, you want to consider its purpose. If your focus is about time-lapses, then you’ll want to install a camera that can capture the entire job site in one single shot. With that said, you need to look for a place to place this camera. If you’re using the camera to monitor smaller things, you can place the camera closer. Or, you can install both types/distances if you’re curious about both.


In terms of the types of camera, a fixed-position camera can only view a single area viewing between 80 and 100 degrees. Meanwhile a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can move in any direction (360 degrees) and tilt up and down.


You’ll also want to choose a camera based on its zoom capabilities. Optical zoom cameras can be placed far away and capture distances while digital zoom cameras cannot.


Sometimes your camera preferences have to take a back seat to what your job site actually looks like. Certain camera may just not work with the distance or structures that are in the area. Depending on your site, one camera may do the trick, or you’ll need multiple cameras to capture different angles of the job site.


Choose a camera and program that you can easily figure out. You don’t want to be confused or overwhelmed by the software. Do your homework before even buying a camera. Figure out your budget. Figure out when you truly need video surveillance. Figure out what kind of reporting capabilities from the camera matter to you. Figure out how many updates and maintenance the cameras will need.


You may realize you don’t even need cameras in your job site. Maybe better security lighting? Or an alarm? Or better locks? Do some research and see if a camera is right for your site. If it is, it can be a tool to help keep your construction equipment safe.


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