Facts About Hard Hats

Facts About Hard Hats

Even if you think a hard hat looks ridiculous, it’s essential. They didn’t create hard hats for nothing! Contractors have dangerous jobs, and they shouldn’t be removed because a person thinks he or she looks “silly” or that it’s too warm. A head injury can lead to a brain trauma or death. In fact, the year 2012 saw 1,020 die because of head injuries sustained on the job. Employers and managers need to enforce hardhat wearing since dangers are everywhere from falling objects to bumping one’s head.

Did you know different color hard hats mean/signify different things? For example, a manager wears a white hard hat. A visitor to a construction site wears a green hard hat. Electrical contractors often year yellow hard hats. White hard hats are also for people who work on highways. Red hard hats could be a first responder. Orange hats are for people who pick up litter. These colors can vary state to state. Often, hard hat colors are assigned so people can be easily identified by their job.


There are three industrial-level classes of hard hats. They include:

  • Class G – General Helmet: These hats provide protection against impact and object penetration. They have up to 2,200-volt protection.
  • Class E – Electrical Helmet – This hat can handle up to 20,000 volts. They also protect against impact and penetration from falling or flying objects.
  • Class C – Conductive Helmet: This helmet is comfortable and offers lightweight impact protection, but cannot protect against electrical hazards.

Did you know you should be caring for a hard hat? Yes! If you don’t properly take care of them, they can fail you, believe it or not. Hard hats should be inspected daily for cracks, perforations and deformities. If any are found, the hat should be tossed out and replaced. Do not put labels or holes into the hat, it may compromise its protectiveness. Don’t leave hats in sunlight, because the extreme heat can damage them.


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