What Does A General Contractor Do?

What Does A General Contractor Do?

Not all contractors are created equal. You wouldn’t hire an electrical contractor to fix your toilet. Each contractor has their own specific skillset. If that’s the case, what does a general contractor do? By definition, a general contractor is a contractor “whose services are unlimited as to the type of work which he or she may do, who may contract for any activity requiring licensure under this part, and who may perform any work requiring licensure under this part, except as otherwise expressly provided in s. 489.113.”

In the state of Florida, a general contractor can become licensed if he/she has 48 months on jobs with at least 12 months as a foreman and show experience in at least 4 areas of commercial construction.

General contractors are licensed and bonded by the state because they can build structures. A general contractor can work on large projects where building permits are needed.  General contractors are good if you’re adding an addition to your home or moving a wall. If you are changing the structure of your home, the city needs to give you permission and the city and a building inspector will only approve structural work done by a licensed general contractor.

A general contractor can do plumbing, electrical, framing, roofing and foundational work. There are different levels of general contractors. Some types require an engineering background and building bridges and large structures. Some types do general construction for commercial and residential spaces; they can lay foundation and carpet and frame the home. Other types of general contractors specialize themselves in certain areas like HVAC, asbestos removal or plumbing.

In Florida, general contractors are licensed through the Department of Business & Professional Regulation’s Contractor Licensing Board.

If you’re looking to do a big project in your home, meet with a few different general contractors to get pricing, see their work, and listen to their experience. You won’t regret hiring a skilled worker to do the job!

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